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myLWB Feature: Serretta Jewellery

This week we feature the deliciously elegant jewellery brand, Serretta.

Serretta was founded by Serretta Morris, a British jewellery designer, who hand makes these exceptional creations from fashionable semi-precious stones. Serretta designs and makes everything at her UK studio. She believes the stones are most beautiful in their natural state, so her jewellery embraces organic imperfections, rough finishes and fascinating colour variations.

With a mantra to never use plastic or imitation stones, it is easy to see why the likes of Kate Middleton & Kelly Brook have snapped up her designs.serretta celeb 2

Together with the main fashion line, Serretta carries a stunning bridal jewellery collection. My Little Wedding Book is excited to share this bridal collection with you today & to ask Serretta herself a few behind the scene questions :

myLWB: Your bridal collection is stunning; tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind it:

Serretta: I adore semi -precious stones and pearls and the inspiration behind the entire collection was to offer brides something unique and perhaps a little bit more personal to them than the mass produced imitation jewellery found on the high street. I can take inspiration from just about anywhere; I love looking at the dress designer’s collections on the runway and letting my imagination come up with something I think would be complimentary; or I get an idea from a film or an old poster, actually one of my pieces of headwear was inspired by a vintage earring that used to belong to my grandmother.

myLWB:. What type of natural stones do you use?

Serretta: I use such a wide variety of naturel stones that it would take a long time to list so here are my favourites: I love Moonstone as I think it has a fairytale quality, I love pearls too, as they brighten the complexion and look fabulous. I prefer rock crystal to manmade personally ,although if you want a bit of glamour you can’t beat Swarovski. I find imitation stones can look brash and they easily scuff whereas natural stones look delicate and elegant.

myLWB: How long does it take to make each creation?

It depends on the complexity of the design. Headwear tends to take the longest, up to four hours a piece or even longer if it is a new design. If it is a bespoke piece I would spend more time exploring different design processes. I am often asked to make bespoke headwear that compliments particular embellishments on a brides dress.

myLWB: What advice would you give to a bride trying to choose her wedding jewellery?

Serretta: Avoid over accessorising, and don’t wear something that you aren’t comfortable in. Headwear can be quite a statement and if youwish to be in the limelight then go for it but if you are usually more conservative perhaps try a delicate hair vine or pins. If you have quite a simple dress you can really add the final polish with beautiful accessories; equally if your dress has a lot of embellishment perhaps choose statement headwear to finish the look but keep the jewellery toned down to avoid looking like a Christmas tree!

myLWB: Which bridal piece is your favourite and why?

Serretta: I love the organic shapes of the imperial Topaz gold vermeil beads bracelet and the beautiful delicate pink of the vermeil drop earrings. Dont be afraid to inject a little colour into your look; if you have a Grecian inspired dress a gold bracelet will look perfect.

Check out our edit of the collection & be sure to visit Serretta online!

1.Green Gold Quartz Earrings, £36 2.Imperial Topaz & Gold Vermeil Bracelet, £89
3.Gold Vermeil & Pink Amethyst Bracelet, £45 4.Pink Quartz & Gold Vermeil Earrings, £36

serretta bridal jewellery


1. Vesta Bridal Peal Necklace, £56 2.Fiore Bridal Pearl Earrings, £26
1.Athene Bridal Hair Comb, £45 2.Pearl Cluster Bridal Earrings, £27
3.Double Strand Pearl Bridal Bracelet, £39

1.Carmenta Rose Bridal Pendant, £38 2.Amphitrite II Bridal Earrings, £22


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