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myLWB’s Best Wedding Planning Guide Book

If a sparkly engagement ring has kept you in a capsule of cloud nineness, you may never want to leave this cotton candy heaven. Sadly, at some point one has to embrace that butterfly filled question…’How do you plan a wedding?’

A common first sign of embracing this question would be a bookcase full of wedding magazines & a sad bank account…..but what if the smarter route is to buy a wedding planning book?

With the ‘The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide’ having just launched, we made sure to grab a copy to make our verdict.

guide book

Written by Sophie McCorry Day of Quintessentially weddings, this book is the key to unlocking the best wedding venues, top wedding providers & a black book directory of wedding fashion must-haves.

Filled to the brim with wedding planning tips, we especially loved the wedding flower guide, wedding dress guide & how to have your happily ever after.

So whilst a book may seem old school, it is a romantic & of course very helpful keepsake. Let’s face it, Wedding magazines are addictive, so we’d suggest a handful and a good wedding planning guide book to get you started… more butterflies, & a happy bank!

Make your wedding unique & follow this link to order you copy – ‘The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide’

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