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Love the Mango Bridesmaid

Somehow this week is fast becoming dedicated to our much loved bridesmaids! It must have to do with hearing about your frustrations on searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses without the ‘wedding’ price tag that are a bit more on trend.

So after scouring the high street, I have to say I was so impressed with the choice of colours, quality and price tags of the chiffon dresses at Mango. There is a great variety of summer bridesmaid dress colours on offer to match back to your wedding day colour scheme – emerald greens, coral, pale blush pink, hot pink, and sunshine summer bridesdmaid dresses

Prices start from £34.99 for a basic strappy bridesmaid dress, £59.99-69.99 for the lined above the knee dresses, and up to 89.99 for the midi to ball gown full length….. there is hope for the high street, & if it’s worthy of featuring in your wedding day, I’ll be on the case xxx

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