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And the Bride will Dance

If like me you have chosen a beautiful ball gown of a wedding dress that is totally gorgeous but rather precious to you & wish for it to be not trodden on by your merry in-laws on the dance floor, you may wish to consider a wedding reception dress.

Fear not that the attention on you will dwindle, as who else will be wearing a white fabulous shorter length version of your wedding dress, but you!

And so I would like to introduce you to the wonderful wedding world of BHLDN.

Be warned, for not only does BHLDN stock the most fabulous wedding reception dresses, but they absolutely understand what a bride wants when it comes to her wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, lingerie……. the list goes on & on, so remember to click checkout at a pace before you start to see quadruplet figures!

So should you feel the need to twirl, twist, dip & limbo at your wedding reception, you can do so in these gorgeous dresses, here’s an edit of my favourite:


1. Sequin Stash dress, £225 2. Omari dress, £545 3. Dolce Vita dress, £193
4. Kensington dress, £244 5. Rafaela dress, £545 6. Daylily dress, £199

Shipments are made from the US, so do budget in the customs cost when making your purchase.

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