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The Art of Gifting

Perplexed about how to request what gifts you really want for your wedding?

wedding giftsWell you are not alone, most of us lovely brides have difficulty in broaching this subject and how to eek…word it in such a way without sounding terribly greedy!

The numero uno problem solver is setting up a wedding gift registry.  This really is the simplest solution to avoid receiving unwanted gifts & duplication. But before you decide to do so, have a think about what you would really like & need for your future together. Alternatively you may prefer to receive gifts on the day, or ask for something different, like a donation to your favourite charity or simply ask for the pleasure of your guest’s attendance on the day.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your guests know by including the details in the booklet/ insert of additional wedding information with your invitation or add to your wedding website if you have one, or make sure your parents/ bridal & groom’s party have the details so they can let your guests know, should they ask.

Avoid asking for money directly but rather look into companies that offer vouchers/stocks that would contribute toward say your future home, honeymoon activities, or travelling. It’s best to word such a request in a fun/quirky way, so to keep it light hearted.

If you do expect to receive gifts on the day, you or your venue will need to organise a gift table. You may want to decorate this table & use something to collect your cards like a decorative birdcage or post-box, get creative with your ideas! Ask a bridesmaid or usher to collect these at the end of the night & put them somewhere safe.

wedding card holder ideas

At the time of opening your gifts, make a list of what you received from each person, so in your thank-you cards you are able to mention the gift, what it will help toward & to thank them for their presence at the wedding.

Try to send out your thank-you cards no later than 3 months after your wedding.  This is definitely a divide & conquer job for the both of you to tackle, so set aside a weekend to do so, as it is almost impossible to do in one sitting, and without a few cups of tea!

wedding thank-you cards

Gift Registry Tips:

*Take stock of what you own together already, then think about the essentials & special items you would like to put on your list. The different areas to cover include:  Décor, Glassware, Dining & Entertaining, Kitchenware, Bedding, Bathroom, Furniture, Garden, Travel accessories

*Ideally setup one registry that guests can order from online & by phone. Check they stock your wish list; read the fine print & make sure the delivery terms & conditions include shipment to your address, & a reasonable amount of time for you to make any exchanges if you need to

*Ensure to register gifts that cover a wide range of price points & try to register more gifts than the number of guests, so there are plenty of options to choose from

*Check back with your registry a month before the wedding to make sure it is working & if you need to add any extra bits that you may have left off

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