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To Choo or not to Choo?

Your wedding dress is likely to take up the largest stake in your wedding outfit budget. If however you may be thinking that treating yourself to a once in a lifetime pair of Jimmy Choo’s, especially since their new bridal collection is phenomenal, then you may find yourself going back to the drawing board!

On the plus side, you are likely to wear a pair of Jimmy Choo’s again, certainly not in the office but for a special night out or in, so how to make your budget work in your favour to making that Choo purchase a reality?

On average your wedding outfit including shoes, jewellery & bag can cost around the £1250 mark. Since your dress is the biggest chunk, that will need to be your focus. So here are your best options…..

-second hand dress, yes I know what you are thinking, we all want a shiny new dress but you will be so surprised at what couture designer dresses you can get a hold of for up to 75% off its original retail price, try Still White.

-love for Oxfam, you can find second hand and brand new designer sample dresses online & in specific Oxfam stores for amazing knock down prices

-bridal boutique or designer store sample sales. The dresses are sold at discounted prices since they may have been used on the runway, on shoot, or on the store floor to be tried on – keep an eye on this calendar to diarise the sales that come up

These options do require a bit more research & effort but your final saving can result in an indulgent pair of wedding shoes from the Jimmy Choo bridal collection. Here is a pick of my favourites, prices range from £375 – £2095 (yes, that is the hand beaded Swarovski crystal court!)

Jimmy Choo bridal shoe collection

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  1. It’s nice to indulge for your wedding, whether it is choosing the shoes you have always dreamed of or ordering a special cake or dessert (some indulgent macarons perhaps?

    I, myself, gave in and bought some Choos for my wedding. I initially purchased a pair of white shoes from Debenhams for £30, thinking that my shoes didn’t really matter because they wouldn’t be seen much under my floor-length dress. But I realised that the £30 shoes were (a) very uncomfortable, (b) the heel was a bit too high, and (c) I would never wear them again.

    I’m really happy with my decision to splurge on the Jimmy Choos because they looked nice in my wedding photos and we’re very comfortable; meaning that I was able to wear them from my 1:30pm ceremony through to the end of my reception at 1am.

    January 22, 2014

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