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Let’s talk Wedding Marquees

If you have your heart set on a certain wedding venue but the size of your wedding party is an obstacle or you want your wedding to be held in an outside area, then hiring a marquee could just save those woes of yours!

myLWB welcomes today Claire Bussey of Harlequin Marquees and Event Management to share with you lovely brides to be on the juicy scoop of options to consider when hiring a marquee.

So let’s get started……

“If you’re getting married, one of the first stages of the planning process is deciding on a place to hold your ceremony and reception. If you are considering a traditional church wedding, or a spiritual outdoor wedding, hiring a marquee will allow you more freedom as to the location of your wedding. This is a great way to save some pennies as you will not have to rent out an event hall or entire establishment, also there are various style of marquees to accommodate any wedding, regardless of how simple or elegant it may be.

wedding marquee lightingAvailable Types

When it comes to hiring a marquee for your wedding, there are several choices available. The type of marquee that you choose should be based on the style or theme of your wedding, for example a simple gazebo style marquee is perfect for small, intimate weddings and offers a romantic place to say your vows in. For elaborate weddings, you may want to consider traditional marquees complete with features such as windows, flooring and chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. Marquees that are more like a canopy are ideal for serving food under, and can be the perfect choice whenever the amount of space you have for your reception is limited.

Wedding marquee lighting ideas

From chandeliers, fairy lights, & lanterns there is an abundance of ideas you can choose from for your wedding marquee lighting

Expenses Involved

When planning your wedding, you will be no doubt allocating a budget to each element, from the flowers to the dress.  Although marquee hire can be cheaper than hiring an entire venue or hall, you should still allow a large portion of your budget to be allocated, as there will be extras to include such as heating & power required for lighting, any catering facilities, and your music & entertainment planned. What you can expect marquee hire to include is delivery, the marquee itself, set-up and dismantlement, however the scale of your wedding and marquee size will vary the cost somewhat.

Add-ons to Consider

Your budget should also allow for any further accessories that you may wish to hire. For example, you may wish to hire tables and chairs for your guests, carpet flooring and chandelier lighting. There are also other elements to consider, such as a stage for your band or DJ as you will not want to disappoint your guests with poor entertainment!

wedding marquee decor ideasYour marquee decor does not need to be limited just because it is outside. The natural lighting and garden backdrop play host to an array of colour schemes & decor ideas, here are a few of my favourites, especially the idea of creating a lounging ares for guests!

Choose How to Choose

Choosing the right marquee to hire for your wedding will be based on several factors;  you should think about the theme, location, weather and number of guests in order to select one that is appropriate. In some cases, you may not need to house a lot of guests, but could simply use an “overflow” area to accommodate a few extra guests. If the weather is nice outside, you may not need one that is fully enclosed, since your guests are not likely to get cold or wet while at your reception. Assess your requirements & options available to help you choose a marquee that is perfect for your occasion while also fitting into your budget, good luck with your planning, Claire x’’

A last top tip from myLWB is to ask for the marquee to be setup the day before or as early as possible on the day, as it will hold up your key providers in setting up. I’d also enlist your groomsmen to oversee the process to make sure it runs smoothly, so you don’t get roped in when you should be having your manicure!

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