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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..

Don’t panic my pretty brides to be, it is not Christmas I feature today but the fun, nostalgic idea of Snow Cones at your wedding! Virgin or non-virgin, you can have a right laugh creating your own fanciful cocktail syrups that give your guests quite an experience savouring each concoction or mixing up the flavours for them to create their own. This also sparked……….snow cone

……..a bigger conversation with myself, as after a summer of wonderful weddings I often found myself in awe of all the lovely ideas and how one would top each wedding. A strange but daunting feeling that I am sure you have experienced.

One simply cannot copy & paste these days, but I actually think this is a GOOD thing! To challenge oneself and stretch our imagination is challenging yes, but how rewarding to put together your little light bulb moments and incorporate into your wedding……more importantly they will, and very naturally reflect you & your fiancé (you may have to drag them in on the brainstorm!) and hey presto that is what your wedding is all about celebrating you 2 little love birds!

Happy brainstorming & snow coning! xxx

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