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Turn on the Frost

It appears that a touch of Frozen’s frosty blue has been a key colour featured at this year’s International Bridal Week in New York. Who knew a Disney movie would have such an impact on the runway! Bridal wear designer Alfred Angelo specifically designed his sweetheart mermaid wedding dress for the character of Elsa & designers Theia, Claire Pettibone & Houghton debuted their icy blue creations.

A hint of colour is always refreshing to see on the bridal runway & of course makes for a great bridesmaid dress colour. So my pretties if this icey blue tickles your colour board then you’re in luck as you’ll be seeing a lot more of it for the 2015 collections launching early next year!

1413222340481_wps_2_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_08_A_    1413222754698_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_

Alfred Angelo                                                                   Theia

1413227138266_wps_34_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_10_A_        1413227144184_wps_35_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_10_A_

Claire Pettibone

1413227156600_wps_36_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_              1413222886734_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_


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