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Sweet Nostalgic Desire….s

Perhaps it is the chill in the air or the post Halloween sugar low but I am seriously craving nostalgic comfort treats this week! We all know the inner delight when we spot a sweet shop with our childhood favourites so why not take that joy and incorporate it into your wedding day.

Statistically speaking a served wedding dessert is a wasted effort as your guests will gather their momentum on the dance floor, so a wedding dessert table is a economical and creative choice.

Without say, the wedding dessert table or sweet station has been trending somewhat but giving it a flashback theme of your childhood favourite treats will give it a stylish wedding twist that will fill your guests with glee! And so without further ado, here is my favourite sweet nostalgic desires menu, enjoy!


Popp’in Rice Krispies & Poshie Mellow Cones

Surprise strawberry wafers & Classic candy necklaces (watches for the boys!)

Get Twisted Marshmallow Lollies & Champagne jelly with popping candy 

The Finale: Sprinkled with Love Wedding Cake

soiree-pareese-pink-cookies  SprinkleBakes Vanilla-Lime Mallow Cones

efaf26322059baf1_IMG_1579  nostalgic-candy-necklaces-del1014-lgn

marshmallowlollipop61    IMG_0998-666x1000

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 20.13.25

Merci photo source credits, top left:;; Kojo Designs;;; Oh Lovely Day

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