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Ditch the Dress

So you might just be wondering what on earth did I mix into my brew this morning! But following Solange Knowles’s wedding to video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson where she wore not one but two incredibly elegant bridal jumpsuits, the idea of ditching the traditional bridal dress in favour of a style that is all YOU, is absolutely the right decision.

solange wedding jumsuit

Solange wearing Stephane Rolland. Image credit: Rog Walker

Solange is a free spirited, creative soul who’s style has been recognised at icon status, so perhaps it is easier to accept her bridal style. But having just tried on a few jumpsuits myself to experiment, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how flattering & sophisticated they looked. A bridal jumpsuit might or might not be your thing, but I guess my message here is that your bridal wardrobe is all about what you feel comfortable & confident in, & really don’t be scared to experiment. Tradition is a lovely thing, but a times are changing or rather have changed, so feel free to mix it up & have fun with creating your bridal style.

So, if you fancy the bridal jumpsuit, then here are my top style tips to rock it:

#1 Heel it up: Jumpsuits & flats just don’t marry well

#2 Watch the fit: A snug fit can cling across the thigh & bottom so you’re looking for a fit that skims over your hips, rather than clings. In terms of the leg fit, I’d recommend a straight leg with a slight flare (avoid 70’s bell bottom look) or a tapered tailored leg. For a slight flared leg ensure the leg length finishes an inch from the bottom of your heel & for tapered, just below your ankle.

#3 Watch the Plunge: Whilst the side boob is trending, I’m not sure you want to be spilling your bosom at the alter! Of course a subtle plunge is flattering and sexy. Avoid covering up too much, high neckline + sleeves, could make for a psychiatric ward look

#4 The detail: High end/ Designer jumpsuits offer the best fabric & fit @ a reasonable price in comparison to the average bridal dress tag but may lack the detail. So what to do? Well as Solange shows, bold red lips and big hair are her answer, but you could add an embellished bridal sash/belt or don bold chandelier earrings

# Hair: I would say the higher the neckline or less exposed = up do, and more skin on show = hair down. But its hard to define a rule for jumpsuits as its quite style dependant, so my advice is to experiment! Get your bridal party around and showcase your jumpsuit with hair down and hair up to get their vote

#5 Glow: A natural even skin tone is key, especially if there is any sort of plunge in your jumpsuit. So this may mean a good exfoliation & spray tan or light self tan. Be careful of going over board with bronzing powder as it will mark the edge of any plunging neckline. If this happened, baby wipes are amazing at removing any make-up!

Still need some convincing? Then check out my top designer bridal jumpsuits below:


Monique Lhuiller


J Crew


Tamara Mellon

So I can’t resist, one last photo of Solange in her third bridal outfit, which was a in fact a wedding dress! But with a twist of having a cape as her train, this is one style credit to an amazing modern bride!

Image by Rog Walker

Solange wearing Humberto Leon. Photo credit: Rog Walker


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