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Your Ultimate Wedding Planner

It brings me such happiness to be able to share with you the launch of My Little Wedding Book, your ultimate wedding planning guide, planner, journal and notebook all in one!

So what’s my story I hear you say? Well having personally experienced both the happiness & the hurdles of planning my wedding, I felt crazily inspired to create the book that I found myself wishing/crying for during that time. Fast forward one year later, many a late night, plenty of coffee, & so much love and support from so many amazing friends and family & VOILA! my Little Wedding Book was born.

3 Wedding Calendar 4 Wedding Budget 6 Dresses

This is your perfect little book that you can take with you on all your wedding planning adventures, to have by your side to support you in all the answers and advise you need. Every chapter starts with a guide, followed by tips, worksheets to complete and a notes section to jot down your ideas and facts to remember! Trust me, with this book, you’ll be Aisle Ready in no time.

Very honestly my personal wish is for your myLWB to be your treasure trove & support tool to create the wedding you’ll love, your way, so you can enjoy this truly incredible journey.

So what are you waiting for get your very own copy by clicking on this link. And for more details on all the chapters & content then click right here!

Much love, Karen x

Find Your Wedding Vision

Does the thought of planning your wedding send you into sheer panic? Well lovelies, you are not alone, I promise! There is an overwhelming amount to think about isn’t there…..who will be my bridesmaids, stationery, the venue, decor, flowers, the DRESS, eek it can make your head spin! And if you are anything like me the overwhelm just led me prioritising random errands i.e anything but sit down and deal with the reality that we were getting married & there was going to be a wedding!


‘Everything is Figureoutable’ Marie Forleo

I love this quote as it really is so true! It doesn’t mean you’ll crack the wedding code in one day, it could take 2 weeks or even a month or 2 but it does require to START somewhere and that is what I’ll cover today. A starting point that you can all do. It is actually really fun & the exact task needed to motivate you to get planning, but most importantly freak’in excited you are getting married, whoop whoop!

Right, so when it comes to our life/career goals what do we do? Set New Year’s resolutions, financial goals, create  a vision board to visualise your future? Well you can apply the exact same formula to your wedding, why not?!

The aim of this exercise is for you to establish and visualise the important components/big decisions to be made for your wedding, as ultimately these biggies will need to be cracked & handled first. So how are you going to do this, well you, yes you & your boo, are going to create your very own Wedding Vision Board!

What do you need to do:

1. Schedule it in! Make it a weekend morning/afternoon for both of you to sit together to crack your wedding vision together

2. Prior to this date, find a good stack of wedding magazines (you could buy new, find 2nd hand or ask past brides if they have any). If you have been pinning from Blogs & Pinterest / Facebook, print out these images as well

3. Plant the seed before your sit down. By this I don’t mean have a synopsis ready, just have a bit of a think of how you imagine your day to be like

3. Scissors, glue, coffee, a dollop of enthusiasm & an open mind. An open mind is very important as there will be some areas where you may disagree, so be open to compromise in some areas, so your partner feels a part of the wedding planning journey


So, before you get cutting and sticking here is a list to run through & answer together. This will help to build the foundations of your wedding day:

1. Season, month & time of day to get married?

2. Big/Small wedding, Inside/Outside wedding?

3. Type of ceremony service e.g. religious/non-religious?

4. Ceremony & Reception venue thoughts?

5. Upcoming plans to set the scene e.g buying a home, travel?

Now for the fun bit! Take a pile of magazines each & without too much thought cut/tear out the images that really catch your eye & match your wedding ideals. Make a pile for ceremony & reception ideas, colours, themes, table arrangements, decor, flowers, stationery, lighting, food & drinks.

Once you have created each pile spread them out on a table & take a look at any common ideas/themes that you are both drawn too or can compromise to agree to! Identify from your cuttings what type of wedding day that you both love e.g. Bohemian Summer Garden Wedding Party, & take out any other cuttings that do not match up to your chosen wedding ideal.


If you are undecided, have a break, or maybe come back to it the following weekend. These are big questions to answer and this piece of work will really help you later down the line. So take the time to get it to a stage that you are both really happy with. When you are, it is time to get sticking!

You can stick these in your my Little Wedding Book, where there is a dedicated spread for your Vision Board or alternatively you can create your own on an A3 board. This is such a handy tool that you can take pictures of to reference to later and to send to your potential future wedding suppliers, so they can understand your vision & if they can deliver what you want to achieve.

So there you go, that wasn’t too hard was it? And that is exactly how to approach your wedding planning, you can do this, so embrace it, get stuck in, have fun & figure it out, because you will! x

Let’s talk Wedding Marquees

If you have your heart set on a certain wedding venue but the size of your wedding party is an obstacle or you want your wedding to be held in an outside area, then hiring a marquee could just save those woes of yours!

myLWB welcomes today Claire Bussey of Harlequin Marquees and Event Management to share with you lovely brides to be on the juicy scoop of options to consider when hiring a marquee.

So let’s get started……

“If you’re getting married, one of the first stages of the planning process is deciding on a place to hold your ceremony and reception. If you are considering a traditional church wedding, or a spiritual outdoor wedding, hiring a marquee will allow you more freedom as to the location of your wedding. This is a great way to save some pennies as you will not have to rent out an event hall or entire establishment, also there are various style of marquees to accommodate any wedding, regardless of how simple or elegant it may be.

wedding marquee lightingAvailable Types

When it comes to hiring a marquee for your wedding, there are several choices available. The type of marquee that you choose should be based on the style or theme of your wedding, for example a simple gazebo style marquee is perfect for small, intimate weddings and offers a romantic place to say your vows in. For elaborate weddings, you may want to consider traditional marquees complete with features such as windows, flooring and chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. Marquees that are more like a canopy are ideal for serving food under, and can be the perfect choice whenever the amount of space you have for your reception is limited.

Wedding marquee lighting ideas

From chandeliers, fairy lights, & lanterns there is an abundance of ideas you can choose from for your wedding marquee lighting

Expenses Involved

When planning your wedding, you will be no doubt allocating a budget to each element, from the flowers to the dress.  Although marquee hire can be cheaper than hiring an entire venue or hall, you should still allow a large portion of your budget to be allocated, as there will be extras to include such as heating & power required for lighting, any catering facilities, and your music & entertainment planned. What you can expect marquee hire to include is delivery, the marquee itself, set-up and dismantlement, however the scale of your wedding and marquee size will vary the cost somewhat.

Add-ons to Consider

Your budget should also allow for any further accessories that you may wish to hire. For example, you may wish to hire tables and chairs for your guests, carpet flooring and chandelier lighting. There are also other elements to consider, such as a stage for your band or DJ as you will not want to disappoint your guests with poor entertainment!

wedding marquee decor ideasYour marquee decor does not need to be limited just because it is outside. The natural lighting and garden backdrop play host to an array of colour schemes & decor ideas, here are a few of my favourites, especially the idea of creating a lounging ares for guests!

Choose How to Choose

Choosing the right marquee to hire for your wedding will be based on several factors;  you should think about the theme, location, weather and number of guests in order to select one that is appropriate. In some cases, you may not need to house a lot of guests, but could simply use an “overflow” area to accommodate a few extra guests. If the weather is nice outside, you may not need one that is fully enclosed, since your guests are not likely to get cold or wet while at your reception. Assess your requirements & options available to help you choose a marquee that is perfect for your occasion while also fitting into your budget, good luck with your planning, Claire x’’

A last top tip from myLWB is to ask for the marquee to be setup the day before or as early as possible on the day, as it will hold up your key providers in setting up. I’d also enlist your groomsmen to oversee the process to make sure it runs smoothly, so you don’t get roped in when you should be having your manicure!

The Art of Gifting

Perplexed about how to request what gifts you really want for your wedding?

wedding giftsWell you are not alone, most of us lovely brides have difficulty in broaching this subject and how to eek…word it in such a way without sounding terribly greedy!

The numero uno problem solver is setting up a wedding gift registry.  This really is the simplest solution to avoid receiving unwanted gifts & duplication. But before you decide to do so, have a think about what you would really like & need for your future together. Alternatively you may prefer to receive gifts on the day, or ask for something different, like a donation to your favourite charity or simply ask for the pleasure of your guest’s attendance on the day.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your guests know by including the details in the booklet/ insert of additional wedding information with your invitation or add to your wedding website if you have one, or make sure your parents/ bridal & groom’s party have the details so they can let your guests know, should they ask.

Avoid asking for money directly but rather look into companies that offer vouchers/stocks that would contribute toward say your future home, honeymoon activities, or travelling. It’s best to word such a request in a fun/quirky way, so to keep it light hearted.

If you do expect to receive gifts on the day, you or your venue will need to organise a gift table. You may want to decorate this table & use something to collect your cards like a decorative birdcage or post-box, get creative with your ideas! Ask a bridesmaid or usher to collect these at the end of the night & put them somewhere safe.

wedding card holder ideas

At the time of opening your gifts, make a list of what you received from each person, so in your thank-you cards you are able to mention the gift, what it will help toward & to thank them for their presence at the wedding.

Try to send out your thank-you cards no later than 3 months after your wedding.  This is definitely a divide & conquer job for the both of you to tackle, so set aside a weekend to do so, as it is almost impossible to do in one sitting, and without a few cups of tea!

wedding thank-you cards

Gift Registry Tips:

*Take stock of what you own together already, then think about the essentials & special items you would like to put on your list. The different areas to cover include:  Décor, Glassware, Dining & Entertaining, Kitchenware, Bedding, Bathroom, Furniture, Garden, Travel accessories

*Ideally setup one registry that guests can order from online & by phone. Check they stock your wish list; read the fine print & make sure the delivery terms & conditions include shipment to your address, & a reasonable amount of time for you to make any exchanges if you need to

*Ensure to register gifts that cover a wide range of price points & try to register more gifts than the number of guests, so there are plenty of options to choose from

*Check back with your registry a month before the wedding to make sure it is working & if you need to add any extra bits that you may have left off

My Wedding To Do Notebook

Good Morning lovely ladies, I just wanted to share this little beauty I picked up in John Lewis, it is a wedding day planner, with tabbed sections, prompts, checklists and plenty of note pages for you to write your brilliant wedding ideas into. It also has storage pockets to stash away supplier business cards and tear outs that you wish to keep safe, as well as a handy pen loop to always have a pen to hand.

Planning a wedding can lead to lists of to do’s being written all over the place, so it is really important to keep a wedding notebook like this to hand, so when a wave of creative wedding ideas come your way you have somewhere to write them all down!

photo (19)

The Groom’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

To our lovely grooms, the hardest task of proposing is complete & you are now part of the exciting journey of organising a wedding. Now your lovely fiance will need your support & there are specific areas for you to have ownership of, so stick to our wedding checklist & you’ll pass through this journey with flying colours!

o Organise Engagement ring & wedding insurance

o Organise the bar:champagne, wine, spirits, soft drinks,water

o Ensure all legalities are covered eg. pre-nup,giving notice, buying a license, church requirements

o Choose your groomsmen & attendants

o Organise Honeymoon: check passports, visas, flights, vaccinations, order currency, accommodation & activities

o Book wedding night accommodation & any extras – transport, roses, champagne

o Get measured, order/hire suits, & clear instructions on socks, shoes & cufflinks to the groomsmen

o Arrange wedding day transport for bridal & grooms party

o Speech time – start thinking about it & make sure best man is on top of his as well!

o Get hair cut & make sure groomsmen are looking sharp o Pack for honeymoon; let your fiancé know what to pack

o Pickup any hired décor

o Allow time to pick up any family members

my lwb grooms checklist

On the day:

 o Give rings to best man

o Let your best man know about any payments he needs to make on your behalf

o Allocate out jobs & give a helping hand with:

o Collecting & allocating boutinnieres, bouquets

o Ensure ushers have order of service & clear instructions on seating guests

o Rounding up all family members, making sure they are all accounted for, no lost Grandparents or Aunties!

o Ensure your Best man keeps any documents like your marriage certificate safe

o Speech practised and on hand

o Co-ordinate suppliers

Good Luck! xxx

Aisle Do Wedding Calendar to do list

Welcome to the ultimate wedding planning check list. Our Aisle Do Calendar highlights the essential wedding to do’s that will help you to get organised and relieve any wedding stress you may be experiencing!

There is a lot to tackle when planning a wedding, so grab your wedding notebook, print off the calendar and work through it one tick at a time.

As the saying goes ‘many hands, make light work’, planning a wedding should not all be on your shoulders,so do get your fiance and wedding party & family involved to help lighten the load!

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!


Let the final wedding countdown begin!

Wedding Calender-3-months

Just engaged…so what’s next?

Pop open the bubbly, you’re engaged to be married & it feels like you’re floating around a peachy cloud called nine!

This is an incredibly special time for you both, so cherish your engagement elation for a few weeks before diving into wedding planning mania.

In this time you can tick off your official announcement, ring shopping (if applicable) and your engagement party.

Announcing your Engagement……speakers at the ready!

Whether your engagement news has gone viral or you’ve managed to keep it under wraps, here are a few ways to make your announcement:

Engagement Announcement Ideas*Old School – why not publish your engagement news in your local newspaper under the announcements section, after all your first anniversary is paper, so you can keep this clipping and frame it for your one year anniversary, double tick!

 *Go Viral –Instagram a cute couple photo fashioning the bling and stream away to your heart’s content. Warning-  an inbox invasion of heart-warming congratulations is coming your way

 *Surprise Engagement Party – gather your nearest & dearest, get the champagne on ice & surprise your friends & family with your announcement. Simply turn up the tunes & your surprise engagement party is well under way

PS– if both sets of parents have not met, this is a killer opportunity to check this box! There will be so much celebrating going on, that this meeting can only go one happy way

Engagement Ring Shopping Guide

Your engagement ring is a sizeable purchase and a sentiment you will cherish for a lifetime. If you’ve both decided to choose or design a ring together, then it’s time to get up to scratch on the facts.

Follow this Guide to Ring Bling – & take that important step with style, confidence & grace.

Planning your Engagement Party….

Your engagement party is a special occasion to soak up your engagement elation & share it with your favourite peeps.

Engagement Party IdeasChoose a setting that suits you both, & try to book your own area, or get there earlier enough to claim a dedicated space! Try to give your friends & family two weeks’ notice & take the time to share your engagement story to all. This is a small insight into being the belle of the ball for your wedding day, it’s pretty awesome.

Here are some engagement party ideas to consider:

*It’s a family affair – Picnic in the park with fun games like croquet or boules. Ask guests to bring a dish that reminds them of you two love birds

*Afternoon tea & bubbles – keep it casual at yours or your parents or you could head to the best afternoon tea spots 

 *Party time – Boozy Barbeque, Your favourite Gastro Pub, Themed House Party, or get dressed up & make it a posh affair, Kensington Roof Gardens dahling? For a bit of fun & post party giggles, provide paper & ask guests to complete their best advice for you, they can then pin it on you if you’re up for it!

Engagement gifts ideas………If your guests have asked you about engagement gift ideas, you could suggest a personalised wedding planning journal, a wedding cake knife set, or a special experience that the two of you could enjoy together whilst your’re saving up for the big day, like a cooking class or a wine tasting experience.

Top tips:

*Ask a creative friend to take lots of photos on the night & a responsible friend to keep your cards & presents in a safe place

*Add some personal bespoke décor to make your photo’s picture perfect. Get creative…you could make bunting from old photos with your boo, a ‘we’re engaged sign’, wear personalised outfits – a firm favourite & make sure theres enough bubbly for each guest to have at least one tipple on arrival

*high heels & a rocking frock at the ready, your engagement party is a once in a lifetime event, so it’s time to spruce up & have a blast!

Engagement party personal touches

my Little Wedding Notebook

A wedding to do list has rather an interesting personality. Often difficult to find, sometimes  a part of a cryptic code drawing & mostly in several places at once…..fridge post it notes, diary scribbles & text messages.

It’s fair to say it’s about time to upgrade to a less frazzling method of recording your ever growing wedding to do list. Our recommendation is a devoted notebook with at least 2-10 pages dedicated to each wedding category……we know you have a gazillion brilliant ideas, to do’s & contact numbers to jot down, & these can now live happily ever after in one pretty space.

Smythson’s  Tying the Knot’ & ‘Wedding Planner’ notebook tick all the boxes on our wedding planner wish list & can even be personalised – a top engagement gift suggestion!

Smythson wedding planner notebook

These wedding journals are top of the range, so we picked a selection below, which you can personally categorise.

From Left: Under Cover Neon Pink £20, CLD Stationary ‘I do,I do’ £42,  Floral Liberty of London £35, Striped Papier Tigre £12, Monocle £25

wedding planning notebooks

Follow our Wedding Divider suggestions below to make sure you’re working toward wedding day perfection:

Wedding Planning Section Notebook Pages Required Wedding Planning Section Notebook Pages Required
Budget & Wedding theme ideas 4 Food:      Ideas,menu choices or caterers, Cake, Favours 4
Venue:   options & questions 10 Drinks:     Champagne, Wine, Bar, Cocktails 2
Photographer &/ Video:    shortlist, questions, list of photos to take 2 Order of Events 2
Décor -Flowers, Table Setting, To Hire, To buy 10 To Do Lists:     Allow enough pages as there will be several to do lists a long the way 10
Entertainment-shortlist, Ceremony & Evening, Song choices 2 Meeting dates 4
Stationary 4 Guest Accomodation 2
Ceremony:    who will conduct the ceremony 1 Table Settings: to plan where guests will sit 5
Bride Style: Dress, Shoes,Jewellery,Veil 4 Other: Legal questions, Honeymoon, To pack 4
Bridal Party:   Bridesmaids, Flowergirl &/ Ringbearer,Ushers, Groom, Parents 4 Key Contacts 6

ps. a wedding notebook makes for the perfect engagement present!

myLWB’s Best Wedding Planning Guide Book

If a sparkly engagement ring has kept you in a capsule of cloud nineness, you may never want to leave this cotton candy heaven. Sadly, at some point one has to embrace that butterfly filled question…’How do you plan a wedding?’

A common first sign of embracing this question would be a bookcase full of wedding magazines & a sad bank account…..but what if the smarter route is to buy a wedding planning book?

With the ‘The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide’ having just launched, we made sure to grab a copy to make our verdict.

guide book

Written by Sophie McCorry Day of Quintessentially weddings, this book is the key to unlocking the best wedding venues, top wedding providers & a black book directory of wedding fashion must-haves.

Filled to the brim with wedding planning tips, we especially loved the wedding flower guide, wedding dress guide & how to have your happily ever after.

So whilst a book may seem old school, it is a romantic & of course very helpful keepsake. Let’s face it, Wedding magazines are addictive, so we’d suggest a handful and a good wedding planning guide book to get you started… more butterflies, & a happy bank!

Make your wedding unique & follow this link to order you copy – ‘The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide’