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The Groom’s Ultimate Wedding Checklist

To our lovely grooms, the hardest task of proposing is complete & you are now part of the exciting journey of organising a wedding. Now your lovely fiance will need your support & there are specific areas for you to have ownership of, so stick to our wedding checklist & you’ll pass through this journey with flying colours!

o Organise Engagement ring & wedding insurance

o Organise the bar:champagne, wine, spirits, soft drinks,water

o Ensure all legalities are covered eg. pre-nup,giving notice, buying a license, church requirements

o Choose your groomsmen & attendants

o Organise Honeymoon: check passports, visas, flights, vaccinations, order currency, accommodation & activities

o Book wedding night accommodation & any extras – transport, roses, champagne

o Get measured, order/hire suits, & clear instructions on socks, shoes & cufflinks to the groomsmen

o Arrange wedding day transport for bridal & grooms party

o Speech time – start thinking about it & make sure best man is on top of his as well!

o Get hair cut & make sure groomsmen are looking sharp o Pack for honeymoon; let your fiancé know what to pack

o Pickup any hired décor

o Allow time to pick up any family members

my lwb grooms checklist

On the day:

 o Give rings to best man

o Let your best man know about any payments he needs to make on your behalf

o Allocate out jobs & give a helping hand with:

o Collecting & allocating boutinnieres, bouquets

o Ensure ushers have order of service & clear instructions on seating guests

o Rounding up all family members, making sure they are all accounted for, no lost Grandparents or Aunties!

o Ensure your Best man keeps any documents like your marriage certificate safe

o Speech practised and on hand

o Co-ordinate suppliers

Good Luck! xxx