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Must Have Bridesmaid Dresses

If anyone of you have seen the mayhem of Black Friday, it may have put you off stepping anywhere near the hight street this weekend – flashback of Friends episode where Monica has her whistle showdown at the Barney’s Bridal Sample Sale!

Whilst I am a keen bargain hunter, the crowds put me off completely, which is why I wanted to dedicate todays post to an edit of the best bridesmaids dresses available online. Each bridesmaid dress comes complete with a lovely delicious discount for cyber weekend, that you can shop from the comfort of your sofa.

Tasty discounts can send one into panic mode, as one just does not want to miss out! So here are a few wedTIPS to keep you savvy for cyber weekend:

#1 wedTIP: Before you start browsing, set yourself a budget & stick to it

#2 wedTIP: Write down your wedding shopping list to cover your bridesmaids & anything that you are looking for. Review the list and cross off anything that in reflection you actually don’t need

#2 wedTIP: Open up a separate browser tab for each retailer. You then want to end up on the checkout page for each tab, so that you can review each basket to edit down your list and double check that the sum (including delivery charges) of all baskets equates to your initial allocated budget

So here comes the edit of my favourite bridesmaid dresses. Happy Shopping! x

Claudia Dress, Ghost £180

Claudia Dress, Ghost £180

Rowena Lace Maxi Dress, Phase Eight £65

Rowena Lace Maxi Dress, Phase Eight £65

Alisa Skirt, £160 & Top, £85, Coast 

Alisa Skirt, £160 & Top, £85, Coast

Hobbs Invitation Sidonie Dress, John Lewis £143

Hobbs Invitation Sidonie Dress, John Lewis £143

Alice Dress Electric Blue, Ghost, £132

Alice Dress Electric Blue, Ghost, £132

Fabia Embroidered Dress, Phase Eight, £99

Fabia Embroidered Dress, Phase Eight, £99

Bandeau Dress, Black & Nude, Asos £65

Bandeau Dress, Black & Nude, Asos £65

Purple Ruched Maxi Dress, Debenhams £90

Purple Ruched Maxi Dress, Debenhams £90

Alice Dress Boudoir Pink, Ghost £132

Alice Dress Boudoir Pink, Ghost £132

True Decadence Sequin Lace Maxi Dress, £96

True Decadence Sequin Lace Maxi Dress, £96


Debut Pale Grey Corsage Dress, £63


Debut Light Green Ruched Midi Dress, £52

Ditch the Dress

So you might just be wondering what on earth did I mix into my brew this morning! But following Solange Knowles’s wedding to video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson where she wore not one but two incredibly elegant bridal jumpsuits, the idea of ditching the traditional bridal dress in favour of a style that is all YOU, is absolutely the right decision.

solange wedding jumsuit

Solange wearing Stephane Rolland. Image credit: Rog Walker

Solange is a free spirited, creative soul who’s style has been recognised at icon status, so perhaps it is easier to accept her bridal style. But having just tried on a few jumpsuits myself to experiment, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how flattering & sophisticated they looked. A bridal jumpsuit might or might not be your thing, but I guess my message here is that your bridal wardrobe is all about what you feel comfortable & confident in, & really don’t be scared to experiment. Tradition is a lovely thing, but a times are changing or rather have changed, so feel free to mix it up & have fun with creating your bridal style.

So, if you fancy the bridal jumpsuit, then here are my top style tips to rock it:

#1 Heel it up: Jumpsuits & flats just don’t marry well

#2 Watch the fit: A snug fit can cling across the thigh & bottom so you’re looking for a fit that skims over your hips, rather than clings. In terms of the leg fit, I’d recommend a straight leg with a slight flare (avoid 70’s bell bottom look) or a tapered tailored leg. For a slight flared leg ensure the leg length finishes an inch from the bottom of your heel & for tapered, just below your ankle.

#3 Watch the Plunge: Whilst the side boob is trending, I’m not sure you want to be spilling your bosom at the alter! Of course a subtle plunge is flattering and sexy. Avoid covering up too much, high neckline + sleeves, could make for a psychiatric ward look

#4 The detail: High end/ Designer jumpsuits offer the best fabric & fit @ a reasonable price in comparison to the average bridal dress tag but may lack the detail. So what to do? Well as Solange shows, bold red lips and big hair are her answer, but you could add an embellished bridal sash/belt or don bold chandelier earrings

# Hair: I would say the higher the neckline or less exposed = up do, and more skin on show = hair down. But its hard to define a rule for jumpsuits as its quite style dependant, so my advice is to experiment! Get your bridal party around and showcase your jumpsuit with hair down and hair up to get their vote

#5 Glow: A natural even skin tone is key, especially if there is any sort of plunge in your jumpsuit. So this may mean a good exfoliation & spray tan or light self tan. Be careful of going over board with bronzing powder as it will mark the edge of any plunging neckline. If this happened, baby wipes are amazing at removing any make-up!

Still need some convincing? Then check out my top designer bridal jumpsuits below:


Monique Lhuiller


J Crew


Tamara Mellon

So I can’t resist, one last photo of Solange in her third bridal outfit, which was a in fact a wedding dress! But with a twist of having a cape as her train, this is one style credit to an amazing modern bride!

Image by Rog Walker

Solange wearing Humberto Leon. Photo credit: Rog Walker


The Houghton Bride

If you are looking for a bridal style that says minimalist, sexy city chic then you are a Houghton Bride. Founded in New York, each gown is handmade from the finest fabrics sourced from Paris, Milan & Switzerland that are often completed with hand sewn embroideries, appliques & beadwork.

“I am creating a bridal collection for the woman who wants to get married in something simple, sexy and timeless.” – Katharine Polk, Designer

Today I’ve featured an edit of my favourites from the Houghton Bridal Fall Collection. A nod to the 70’s with the fluted bell sleeves & on trend lace, this collection is perfect for the Modern bride. Look out for the jumpsuit, love!







If you are in New York then click here to find a list of Houghton Bride stockists or in February the collection will launch with The Lovers Bride Boutique in London.

As a modern bride going for a minimalist city chic look keep you hair styled but simple & really have fun with your accessories. As you can see from the Houghton Fall Collection the bright cerise bridal shoes look absolutely stunning. Or why not choose one statement piece like go a chunky necklace (Lulu Frost is a favourite), earings, ear cuff or a bracelet cuff.  And if you’re not sure what to style with your modern bridal dress then head to the high street, pick up a few accessories, have a play at home and you can always return what you decide not to keep!

Photo Credits: Houghton Bride

Love the Long Sleeve

One of my favourite highlights from the 2015 bridal collections is the long lace sleeve. Whether you wish to cover up in the cooler months, accentuate your collar bones or highlight your wedding dress bustier shape (sweetheart being a firm favourite b.t.w) – wearing a long sleeve wedding dress needn’t be amish like but in fact incredibly elegant and stylish.

I’ve picked out the Monique Lhuillier Fabienne & Sarah dress below, which are ideal for the bride who wants to show off a longer neckline or tall frame. And for those brides wanting to show off their gorgeous bust, collar bones or shoulders then you’ll love these Pronovias wedding dress designs, Capricornio & Bellamy.

You’ll notice hair & accessories are minimal. Lace and any embellishment on the lace make for a showstopper of a wedding dress, so its best to avoid loud jewellery, hair & accessories. I really love the crystal head pieces from the Monique Lhuillier show as the simplicity of the pulled back hair & bun allow the wedding dress & head pieces to take centre stage, and of course you wearing the dress!


Monique Lhuillier Fabienne


Monique Lhuillier Sarah


Pronovias Capricornio


Pronovias Bellamy

Lace is by nature intricate and delicate so care and attention is the best way forward when handling & storing a lace wedding dress. For that very reason I’d avoid wearing a necklace where any claws could catch on the lace risking a tear & in fact you may need to question if you need the necklace.

So I’ll share my last two favourites from the Pronvias bridal collection and now you can see if you too share in the love for lace sleeves. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!


Pronovias Monet


Pronovias Maui

Sweet Nostalgic Desire….s

Perhaps it is the chill in the air or the post Halloween sugar low but I am seriously craving nostalgic comfort treats this week! We all know the inner delight when we spot a sweet shop with our childhood favourites so why not take that joy and incorporate it into your wedding day.

Statistically speaking a served wedding dessert is a wasted effort as your guests will gather their momentum on the dance floor, so a wedding dessert table is a economical and creative choice.

Without say, the wedding dessert table or sweet station has been trending somewhat but giving it a flashback theme of your childhood favourite treats will give it a stylish wedding twist that will fill your guests with glee! And so without further ado, here is my favourite sweet nostalgic desires menu, enjoy!


Popp’in Rice Krispies & Poshie Mellow Cones

Surprise strawberry wafers & Classic candy necklaces (watches for the boys!)

Get Twisted Marshmallow Lollies & Champagne jelly with popping candy 

The Finale: Sprinkled with Love Wedding Cake

soiree-pareese-pink-cookies  SprinkleBakes Vanilla-Lime Mallow Cones

efaf26322059baf1_IMG_1579  nostalgic-candy-necklaces-del1014-lgn

marshmallowlollipop61    IMG_0998-666x1000

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 20.13.25

Merci photo source credits, top left:;; Kojo Designs;;; Oh Lovely Day

Turn on the Frost

It appears that a touch of Frozen’s frosty blue has been a key colour featured at this year’s International Bridal Week in New York. Who knew a Disney movie would have such an impact on the runway! Bridal wear designer Alfred Angelo specifically designed his sweetheart mermaid wedding dress for the character of Elsa & designers Theia, Claire Pettibone & Houghton debuted their icy blue creations.

A hint of colour is always refreshing to see on the bridal runway & of course makes for a great bridesmaid dress colour. So my pretties if this icey blue tickles your colour board then you’re in luck as you’ll be seeing a lot more of it for the 2015 collections launching early next year!

1413222340481_wps_2_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_08_A_    1413222754698_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_

Alfred Angelo                                                                   Theia

1413227138266_wps_34_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_10_A_        1413227144184_wps_35_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_10_A_

Claire Pettibone

1413227156600_wps_36_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_              1413222886734_Image_galleryImage_NEW_YORK_NY_OCTOBER_09_A_


London Fashion Week: Julian Macdonald

London Fashion Week has yet again showcased the incredible talents of so many British designers, and I could not have dreamt up a more incredible show than that of Julian Macdonald. It is no secret that he delivers season upon season a collection that is always fresh, feminine & beautifully embellished.

And so he did not disappoint by revealing a heavily embellished diamond and pearl body con bridal gown worth an estimated 4 million pounds! So worth it right? Well it may be a out of reach for most but we can all be inspired by the incredible lace illusion panels,  on trend long sleeves, & using lace as a head piece, I really like this idea!



What do you ladies think, love/loathe? x

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..

Don’t panic my pretty brides to be, it is not Christmas I feature today but the fun, nostalgic idea of Snow Cones at your wedding! Virgin or non-virgin, you can have a right laugh creating your own fanciful cocktail syrups that give your guests quite an experience savouring each concoction or mixing up the flavours for them to create their own. This also sparked……….snow cone

……..a bigger conversation with myself, as after a summer of wonderful weddings I often found myself in awe of all the lovely ideas and how one would top each wedding. A strange but daunting feeling that I am sure you have experienced.

One simply cannot copy & paste these days, but I actually think this is a GOOD thing! To challenge oneself and stretch our imagination is challenging yes, but how rewarding to put together your little light bulb moments and incorporate into your wedding……more importantly they will, and very naturally reflect you & your fiancé (you may have to drag them in on the brainstorm!) and hey presto that is what your wedding is all about celebrating you 2 little love birds!

Happy brainstorming & snow coning! xxx

To Choo or not to Choo?

Your wedding dress is likely to take up the largest stake in your wedding outfit budget. If however you may be thinking that treating yourself to a once in a lifetime pair of Jimmy Choo’s, especially since their new bridal collection is phenomenal, then you may find yourself going back to the drawing board!

On the plus side, you are likely to wear a pair of Jimmy Choo’s again, certainly not in the office but for a special night out or in, so how to make your budget work in your favour to making that Choo purchase a reality?

On average your wedding outfit including shoes, jewellery & bag can cost around the £1250 mark. Since your dress is the biggest chunk, that will need to be your focus. So here are your best options…..

-second hand dress, yes I know what you are thinking, we all want a shiny new dress but you will be so surprised at what couture designer dresses you can get a hold of for up to 75% off its original retail price, try Still White.

-love for Oxfam, you can find second hand and brand new designer sample dresses online & in specific Oxfam stores for amazing knock down prices

-bridal boutique or designer store sample sales. The dresses are sold at discounted prices since they may have been used on the runway, on shoot, or on the store floor to be tried on – keep an eye on this calendar to diarise the sales that come up

These options do require a bit more research & effort but your final saving can result in an indulgent pair of wedding shoes from the Jimmy Choo bridal collection. Here is a pick of my favourites, prices range from £375 – £2095 (yes, that is the hand beaded Swarovski crystal court!)

Jimmy Choo bridal shoe collection

Radiant Orchid, the Colour of 2014

Radiant Orchid is tipped by Pantone to be the 2014 colour of the season. Whilst this vibrant tone of purple may seem a bit daunting to some, this really is a very versatile colour that you can throw into your wedding scheme on a large scale or use as an accent. It is a very versatile colour that sits easily with neutrals like grey/ivory & it will come to life when paired with softer tones of lilacs, peaches and zesty limes or waxy succulents.

Radiant Orchid wedding table arrangement

If you are umming and arring about your colour scheme then radiant orchid just might tickle your fancy. Since this will be the colour of the season, you will have no trouble when sourcing your A-Z of wedding buys.

Here is a taster of ideas to be inspired by this gorgeous colour palette and the ideas you can build around it to create your spectacular wedding. For more ideas head to our Radiant Orchid Pinterest board.

Orchid wedding cake

Mmmm… delicious orchid ombre frill cake adorned with delicate sugar paste flowers. If you decide on a simpler design you could decorate with VV Rolleoux ribbons which you can also use for your stationary, & additional wedding decor.
bridesmaid dresses

Your bridesmaids will look gorgeous in either this vibrant orchid bandeau Breita dress by Coast, on sale for £95, or this sweetheart lilac chiffon Nadia prom dress by J CREW, £250

radiant orchid brideWhen it comes to your bridal accessories you can really play around with ideas, you just need to get the balance right to make sure you don’t end up overdoing orchid within your outfit. Cara’s orchid lips paired with the white orchids in her hair is a good example, which with your white wedding dress you can pull off these stunning earrings & Jimmy Choos if your dress covers them but if you have a cocktail dress length you could loose the earrings in favour of your Choos

radiant orchid wedding theme groomFor your lovely groom, my personal choice would be a soft grey suit & crisp white slim fit shirt with either a satin/silk tie or bow tie, keep the boutonniere understated for a clean aesthetic.

Last but not least lets enjoy a berry infused cocktail that will taste delicious & take on the right shade of colour to bring your colour scheme together in full wing, your guests will be so impressed!orchid wedding bride