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Groomin Summer Wedding Bow Ties

After attending Chelsea flower show this weekend, I was so uber excited to find these summer cool wedding bow ties by Fox & Brie.

Perfect for the chilled preppy groom or a boho style wedding, these handcrafted bow ties are made from natural fiber vintage & new fabrics that can be bought with matching pocket squares. It can be tricky to find quirky but smart wedding bow ties, so go check out the collection on Etsy to find the set that best matches into your wedding day style.

Fox & Brie Wedding Bow Ties

Wedding bow ties start at £36 each, and the matching pocket squares are £21.72 including shipping cost from Etsy online. These are handmade in the US so make sure you buy with enough time to ship!

Fox & Brie Wedding Pocket Squares

Wedding Bow Ties, 007 Style

Judging Bond’s track record with the ladies, it would be fair not to question the allure of his bow tie ensemble. This simple accessory can transform a man into a gentleman, and I for one will welcome it’s revival in the wake of the new Bond movie: Skyfall.

It is believed the bow tie evolved from the classic cravat in the 18th Century when the French upper classes were having a fashion love affair with neck accessories. Today, bow ties are available in a variety of colours & patterns, allowing you to create a unique and dashing look for any groomsman, on their wedding day.

Check out our top picks below:

1. Burberry, £95; 2. Zara, £15.99, 3. Thomas Pink, £30

4. Vivienne Westwood, £70 5. Zara, £15.99 6. Peckham&Rye, £29.50

7. Hugo Boss, £45 8. Peckham & Rye, £29.50 9. Asos, £18

If you are after a more eccentric look, why not clash it up with some contrasting patterns. This Peckham & Rye paisley silk bow tie (£29.50) and handkerchief (£27.50) is a perfect ensemble.

Now don’t forget to consider the type of shirt that will accompany & compliment your exquisite bow tie. There are a few options here, but our choice would be the classic button down collared shirt.

***Top Tip: Should you wish for a co-ordinated look, why not use the leftover bridesmaid dress fabric & ask your dressmaker to make enough ties, & matching pocket squares.

If the bride wants to be a part of the bow tie ensemble then add these clip on bow ties to your wedding shoes from Etsy, super cute!