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Hard as Nails

Manicures don’t work for me. By the end of day 1, I’ve chipped or smudged a nail out of pure impatience for the damn things to dry.

I can’t be alone here, so one has to share the wonders of Shellac, as it will save you a rushed nail re-varnish on your wedding day.

Shellac lasts up to 14 days, I had a French Manicure Shellac at my local salon for £39 and it lasted 3 weeks. It involves a base layer, 2 coats of the colour, and a final top coat with each layer ‘drying’ under a UV light. To remove, your nails need to be soaked for 10 minutes in Acetone using the Shellac nail wraps or just cotton balls, it is that simple.


Shellac has an incredible selection of colours and embraces the trend of nail art if you are after a unique look.



To put it into perspective, I enjoyed a relaxing day before the wedding instead of having to rush to the salon to get my nails done & walk around like Edward Scissor hands not to chip them!