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Lace it up: Mimi Holliday lingerie& Liberty in Love Garters

Whether you choose a lace wedding dress, a lace veil or lace to star in your table settings, you’ll be making the right choice! Lace is in the spotlight this season, & it takes on a new lease of life from its earlier doldrums doilie days.

Expect to see lace showcase in soft spring pastel shades, fluoro pops, as a sexy trim to dress cut outs, headbands & so much more.

I dreamed of wearing a vintage lace dress, but in reality this vision just did not suit me. As a lace lover, I was thrilled to discover Mimi Holliday Lingerie & Liberty in Love garters to ensure lace would be a part of my wedding day.

Mimi Holliday lingerie is an exquisite master class in pairing pristine design with the finest of lace. If ever you felt daunted by the aisle walk, this lingerie will dispel those fears in a flash!lingerie mimmi holiday

Often a last minute purchase, the garter is a sexy & fun accessory to complete your bridal accessory checklist. The garters from Liberty in Love are honestly the prettiest I have come across, the choice on offer make the final choice a difficult one, so we picked our 3 favourites.liberty loves garters

Finally the lace love just would not be complete without this stunning lace bootie from Charlotte Olympia, all aboard the lace love train!minerva_white_main